Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Papers Under Review

Ori Swed, and Adam Materne “No Accounting for Bad Contractors: Ineffective Regulation in the Contracted Security Apparatus” 

Ori Swed, and Daniel Burland. “Cyber Mercenaries: Review of the Cyber and Intelligence PMSC Market”

Ori Swed. “Torn Between Treaty and Cost: managing humanitarian treaties in armed conflict.”

Ori Swed, and Kerry Chaez. “Between Scylla and Charybdis:  The Threat of Democratized Artificial Intelligence


Ori Swed. “Cloak of War: Security Privatization as Pressure Avoidance Strategy”

Ori Swed and Kerry Chavez. “When the monopoly on violence dissolves: Charting the trafficking of arms in the shadow of Libya's collapse”

Ori Swed. “Implausible Sovereigns and Public Health: Violent Non-State Actors Response to COVID-19” 


2018. Edited Volume. Swed Ori and Thomas Crosbie. The Sociology of Privatized Security .  Palgrave-Macmillan


Book Chapters

2020. Swed Ori. When Ideology Replace the Market: Gentrification in East Jerusalem. Gentrification around the World: Gentrifiers and the Displaced. Palgrave-Macmillan.

2020. Book Chapter. Swed Ori. “War and Terrorism”. Investigating Social Problems. Sage.

2020. Swed Ori, and Samuel Fletcher S. “Resisting or Appropriating: Two approaches in the study of aid, violent nonstate actors, and governance”. Hybrid Governance in the Middle East and Africa. Routladge.

Forthcoming. Andrew Paul Davis, and Ori Swed. “Hate Crimes and the LGBTQ+ Community” Dimensions of Crime as a Social Problem. Carolina Academic Press.

Forthcoming. Ori Swed, and Andrew Paul Davis. “The profile of the American domestic terrorist” Terrorism inside American Borders. Rowman and Littlefield.

2018. Thomas Crosbie and Ori Swed. “Sociology and the Privatization of Security and Military AffairsThe Sociology of Privatized Security . Palgrave-Macmillan.


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2018. Book Chapter. Swed Ori. “War and Terrorism”. Investigating Social Problems. Sage.


Other Publications and Book Reviews 

2020. Chavez Kerry, and Ori Swed. "An Allegory of the Cave: Terrorist Drones and the Offense-Defense DialecticUnited States Army War College: War Room.


2020. Swed, Ori. “In Favor of an Indirect Approach” Blink the blog of ‘surveillance & society.


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2017. Book Review. Swed Ori. “Human Rights.” Journal of Global Analysis

2014. Book Review. Swed Ori. "How 9/11 Changed our Ways of War" in Res Militaris. Vol 4.2: 295-298.


2014. Swed Ori. “NGOs in Conflict: A ‘Third Actor’ and its Effects on Human Rights” in Israel Institute Vol. 1: 16-18

2010. Book Review. Swed Ori. “Renan and Sand: Literature Review on Nationality and Jewish Identity.” Pikpuk- The Sociology Journal of the Hebrew University. Vol. 16. (February): 14-17   (in Hebrew).


Ori Swed. “Outsourcing War and Civilian Casualties: Examining the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”

Ori Swed. "Evolving and constant: A review of the characteristics of the Russian information operations"


Ori Swed, Nicholas Reith. “The local process of revolutions”


Ori Swed and Eleanor Knuston. “The State and Other Entities: Monopolizing the Legitimate Private Usage of Force”

Martha Smithy, Luis Ramirez, and Ori Swed. “Policing and safety in campus”

Ori Swed, Jeffery Baptist. “Online eco systems: messages amplification and reverberation of key individuals within false Twitter persona networks”

Daniel Jaster, and Ori Swed. “Composite reality and unvaried safe interpretation: Towards a theory of the rise of contemporary populism, 2016-2019”

Ori Swed. “From heroes to villains: online outlook of Blackwater and the PMSC industry” 

Ori Swed. “Who Benefits? Privatization of Security and the New Military-Industrial Complex”

Ori Swed, John S. Butler. “Information Poverty and the Welfare System: an examination of veterans benefits’ use”

Ori Swed. “The Effects of Insecurity on INGO Proliferation.”

Ori Swed. “Unarmed Monitoring Missions: What is working and what is not?”

Ori Swed. “Unjust Behavior: Identity politics and legal process in human rights violations cases” 

Ori Swed. “The End of the Cold-War and the (re) Birth of the INGO Sector.”


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