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My interest in studying peace, security, and civil-military relations is grounded in my personal history. Prior to entering academia, I worked for the security industry and high-tech industry for a period of about ten years. I am fortunate to have gained both in-depth understanding and practical experience regarding the security industry from working in both the private and public sectors. My current academic work builds on this experience, allowing me to bring research closer to real-world practice, in an interdisciplinary manner. 




Peace and Human Rights

My research and teaching explore questions concerning human security, conflict dynamics, and peace through health (PtH) from theoretical and applied approaches.

2010 - 2016

University of Texas at Austin

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology

Technology & Organizations

In my research I study technology and organizations, looking at disruptive innovation and coercive violence. I explore how new technologies adopted by different organizations and proliferate, and the way those utilized by different actors.


In both my research and teaching I examine how global trends and actors shape society and culture, looking at international organizations and technology.

Non-State Actors

My work focuses on the increasing role of non-state actors in global and local politics, examining  NGOs, social movements, private military and security companies, and terrorist organizations. 

2007 - 2010

Hebrew University

Master of Arts in History

2004 - 2007

Hebrew University

Bachelor of the Arts in History, Sociology, and Anthropology

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